manimlib/utils/tex_file_writing.py 这个文件中主要包含了将tex字符串使用LaTeX编译成svg的函数

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.get_tex_config() → dict

Returns a dict which should look something like this:

    "executable": "latex",
    "template_file": "tex_template.tex",
    "intermediate_filetype": "dvi",
    "text_to_replace": "YourTextHere",
    "tex_body": "..."

custom_defaults.ymldefault_config.yml 中读取 tex 有关的配置

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.tex_hash(tex_file_content: str) → int

返回将 expressiontemplate_tex_file_body 合并后sha256后的哈希值

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.tex_to_svg_file(tex_file_content: str) → str

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.tex_to_svg(tex_file_content: str, svg_file: str) → str

将 tex 表达式内容转为 svg 文件

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.tex_to_dvi(tex_file: str) → str


  • TEX_USE_CTEX=False ,则使用latex将tex编译为dvi

  • TEX_USE_CTEX=True ,则使用xelatex将tex编译为xdv

manimlib.utils.tex_file_writing.dvi_to_svg(dvi_file: str) → str

Converts a dvi, which potentially has multiple slides, into a directory full of enumerated pngs corresponding with these slides. Returns a list of PIL Image objects for these images sorted as they where in the dvi

使用 dvisvgm 将 dvi/xdv 文件转换为 svg 文件,并返回 svg 文件